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Kinds of Activated Carbon

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Kinds of Activated Carbon

There are five primary forms of activated carbon. Each is better suited to a certain purpose than the others, and here are the most common types of activated carbon you will encounter.

Activated Carbon Granules

Because of its somewhat larger particle size, granulated activated carbon has a smaller exterior surface than powdered activated carbon. This kind is mostly used for general deodorization, air treatment, and water treatment.

Activated Carbon Pelletized

This is activated carbon powder that has been combined with a binder and shaped into pellets. Because of their low dust content, strong mechanical strength, and minimal pressure loss, pellets are commonly used in gas-phase applications.

Activated Carbon Powder

This is a fine kind of activated carbon that is often applied to process units such as raw water intakes, gravity filters, and clarifiers. It is rarely used in a specialized vessel because of the possibility of head loss.

Activated Carbon Impregnated

This type of activated carbon contains inorganic impurities such as silver and iodine. The filtration of home potable water is the most common application for impregnated activated carbon.

Activated Catalytic Carbon

Surface-modified activated carbon is another name for this fifth form of activated carbon. It is beneficial for eliminating impurities from drinking water because, in addition to being adsorptive, it may also begin and promote chemical reactions.

The Advantages of Activated Carbon in Water Treatment

In the treatment of water, activated carbon has various advantages over other options that might be employed in its stead. Here are the four main advantages of employing activated carbon in water treatment:

Contaminant Removal

As previously stated, activated charcoal attracts and holds impurities. Because of its adsorptive nature, it can efficiently remove a wide range of pollutants of various sorts and sizes from water.

Control of Taste and Odor

When the correct sort of activated charcoal is used, it is possible to significantly enhance the flavor of water. Activated carbon may also efficiently reduce odors.

Many components are absorbed.

The capacity of activated carbon to absorb not just one or two but several components makes it popular in water filtration. This makes it effective and economical to utilize, which are features that any water purification facility would want for the purpose of its overheads and production quality.

dependable and efficient

Activated carbon is extremely dependable and effective. When the right form is used, there is a relatively minimal risk of failure as long as all important components are considered. It is a tried-and-true solution that has evolved over time to become the industry standard in water purification.

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