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Anthracite Filter Media

Anthracite filter material is made of high-quality raw coal, which is selected, crushed, and sieved twice. It has good gloss,spherical shape, high mechanical strength, good compression resistance, stable chemical properties, no toxic substances, and wear-resistance.
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Product Description

Anthracite Filter Media is thoroughly selected from anthracite which yields the highest percentage of carbon. It is then hydraulically classified to reduce mineral matter and ash to a minimum, and finally screened and washed to ensure suitability for filtration purposes.

Anthracite filter coal or Anthrafilt is commonly used as sub-fill and as a component of multi-media filters. Anthracite filter media is a durable media with long life and a wide temperature range. It contains no silica to interfere in the production of ultra pure water. Anthracite promotes higher service flow rates and longer filter runs with less head loss than single media filter beds. Backwash rates are reduced as well. Low uniformity coefficient anthracite filter media extends the life of your filter before the media must be changed out. Higher service flows and longer filter runs than equivalent sand filters.

• Unique density allows Anthracite to be combined with other filtration media in multi-media filters.

• Lower uniformity coefficient has less oversized and undersized particles resulting in a highly uniformed bed.

• Due to its medium density, Anthracite can be used in multi-media bed filters providing a unique pre-filtration layer.

Product Parameters

size 0.8-1.6mm,1-2mm,2-4mm 4-8mm
Fixed carbon :50-85% can be customized
Porosity 43%
Density 1.4-1.6g/cm
Attrition loss ≤ 1.3%
Vol . Matter ≤ 2.0%
Ash content ≤ 8.0%
Moisture content ≤ 0.6%


Anthracite coal filter media Application

Anthracite Filter Media is widely used in the process of water quality treatment before and after the production of chemical, metallurgical, thermoelectric, pharmaceutical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, food and so on.




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