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Activated charcoal: how does it operate?

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Activated charcoal: how does it operate?

The term "activated charcoal" (also known as "activated carbon") refers to a type of natural, environmentally safe charcoal that has undergone a high-temperature steam treatment using a sophisticated, controlled process. The result is a material that is literally filled with millions of microscopic pockets, or microscopic holes and pores, both inside and on the surface, making it one of the most porous substances ever discovered. The surface area of only one gram of activated charcoal is equivalent to around 500 square meters, or two tennis courts. The astonishing quality of activated charcoal is its capacity to adsorb, in relation to its size, tremendous volumes of gas particles (odors), producing odor-free air. Visit Wikipedia for further information, including enlightening debates on mercury scrubbing and gas purification.

Products containing activated charcoal may be used to remove smells and leave our houses, automobiles, boats, and a variety of other items smelling fresh, but there is occasionally a lack of knowledge about how this product functions so well.

Natural Activated Charcoal

The fact that activated charcoal is a completely natural substance is fantastic news. By using it, you may avoid spraying unsavory chemicals all over your house, which do little more than cover up odors. When handled with steam at temperatures above those of a home oven, activated charcoal transforms from conventional, less absorbent charcoal to a super-porous material. Active charcoal is produced by carefully regulating the steam heating process, and as a consequence, it has millions of minute pores both inside and out.

Facts about Activated Charcoal

The surface area of one gram of activated charcoal is approximately 500 square meters. This is twice as large as the typical US home's surface area.

How Important Is Surface Area?

Increased surface area allows the activated charcoal to absorb more gas particles; hence, surface area is crucial. The air in our houses gets significantly fresher when we eliminate the gas particles that cause unpleasant odors.

Activated Charcoal Has A Method for Capturing Odors.

Although it is a complicated chemical process, one may liken it to a vacuum cleaner. Activated charcoal filters suck smells from the air that passes through Innofresh's effective filters, just like a vacuum picks up dust. As with dust in a vacuum cleaner bag, the scents are then drawn to the carbon pores and trapped inside the filter.

Makes Activated Charcoal a Mess, or Not?

A mess is not created by activated charcoal. The inventors of Innofresh have discovered a novel approach to regulating charcoal dust and powder. By giving the activated charcoal a "porous technology" treatment, they were able to accomplish this. With this method, the activated charcoal is formed into a single piece that doesn't create a mess but is still quite effective at eliminating odors.

We hope that this introduction to the activated charcoal industry has made it clearer to you why these products are so effective. A variety of offensive scents can be eliminated with active charcoal filters.

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