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Activated Charcoal

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Activated Charcoal

The term "activated charcoal" (also known as "activated carbon") refers to a type of natural, environmentally safe charcoal that has undergone a high-temperature steam treatment using a sophisticated, controlled process. The result is a material that is literally filled with millions of microscopic pockets, or microscopic holes and pores, both inside and on the surface, making it one of the most porous substances ever discovered. The surface area of only one gram of activated charcoal is equivalent to around 500 square meters, or two tennis courts. The astonishing quality of activated charcoal is its capacity to adsorb, in relation to its size, tremendous volumes of gas particles (odors), producing odor-free air. For additional information, including intriguing discussions about mercury scrubbing and gas purification, visit Wikipedia.

Innofresh odor absorbers use activated carbon, a substance with a remarkably high surface area of tiny, minute pores. This intricate system of small pores is where the extraordinary capacity to absorb and get rid of scents happens. The more surface area there is, the more opportunities there are to catch odor-causing pollutants, which is why surface area is crucial. As scents move through our vented activated carbon filters, it also "pulls" odors from the air and holds them safely in place in its tiny pockets. Odors that enter our carbon filter stick to the carbon pores and become trapped. Air is able to pass through each activated carbon odor absorber's maximal surface area thanks to our revolutionary design and creative vented air flow.

Odor absorbers from Innofresh go farther than that. The activated carbon is then put through a further stage in our distinctive, patented process called porous technology, which scientifically combines the activated carbon into a single molded carbon element. With no little grains, untidy charcoal powders, or carbon dust typically seen with other carbon products, the end result is a highly efficient odor absorber.

Health Advantages of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is frequently used in clinics and hospitals as an antidote to ingested poisons, particularly in emergencies. Thus, consuming activated charcoal can help someone rid their body of a toxin or poison they may have consumed. This, however, only works if it is done within 1-4 hours of consuming the toxin or poison and before the poison has been digested.

Numerous medical conditions, such as intestinal gas, renal troubles, skin conditions, and even tooth whitening, have been treated using activated charcoal. Theoretically, the activated charcoal will eliminate gas that is irritating your stomach as well as pollutants. The fact that activated charcoal is also suggested as an anti-flatulent may be due to this. Although the effectiveness of activated charcoal as a therapy for many of these problems has not been empirically verified, it does make scientific sense. Furthermore, activated charcoal has not been linked to any significant hazards or adverse side effects.

Do activated carbon and activated charcoal differ from one another?

These two phrases can be used in place of one another. The terms "activated charcoal" and "activated carbon" are interchangeable and frequently used to refer to this highly porous substance that is very efficient in drawing in and expelling organic compounds and gases. You can read more about these two words here.

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