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Wet Activated Carbon

Wood based powdered wet activated carbon use high quality sawdust as material,which is refined by unique technology and formula. It is featured as developed large pore structure, reasonable distribution of transition pore and small pore,strong adsorption capacity, stable performance indicators.

Product Description

Wet Activated Carbon Description

Wood based  powder wet activated carbon is non-toxic, without taste and it has the appearance of a fine black powder. Offering a sizable surface area, and robust adsorption abilities, it is perfectly suited to water clarifying and purifying within the production of sugars, pharmaceuticals, beverages and also wines. It is also used around the globe for waste water treatment as well as in the decolorizing, refining and purification of organic solvents.

Detailed Specifications

Wood based wet activated carbon powder for decolorization



Methylene Blue










Note:  We can make according to customer’s special requirement.



Tongke wood based activated carbon powder mainly used in following field :

  • decoloriztion,purification,odor ,purity of sugar,food additives,various amino acids,chemical additives,dye intermediates ,highly pigmented solution with drug aids

  • Purification of kinds of cola,beverage,wine

  • Drinking water purification

  • Waste water purification

  • Gas processinng

  • Catalyst process,protection and support

  • Metal removal

  • Medical

activated carbon for Sugar decolorization


Wood based Powdered activated carbon package :

1.20 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bags.

2.500 Kg bulk PP bag

3. 20Kg/ 50 Kg PP bag per pallet for a net pallet weight of 1000 Kg.

activated carbon for sugar refining

Introduction of company

Tongke Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd is Specialized in research, design , production and sale various of activated carbon.
Main product of TongKe Activated Carbon is : Wood based activated carbon, Coal based activated carbon , Honeycomb activated carbon Nut shell activated carbon ,Activated Carbon Fiber ,Activated carbon related products .

Our Product is widely use in water treatment, gas and air purification , Food refining and decolorizing , Medicine , household  etc  


activatedc carbon for sugar industry


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