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Activated carbon for Silicone Oil

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Activated carbon for Silicone Oil

The prior art purification methods for silicone oil decolorization include neutralization, filtration, activated carbon treatment, water washing and other methods in combination. First, impurities can be removed by washing with water, but the production of large amounts of wastewater and the equipment and time required for separation have become serious problems. Therefore, we recommend using activated carbon to filter and adsorb the impurities in the silicone oil to achieve the effect of decolorization and deodorization, and the activated carbon developed by Hanyan for silicone oil has the effect of decolorization and purification of silicone oil, and can reduce the generation of waste and easy separation.

To understand the decolorization of silicone oil, we must first understand what silicone oil is. Silicone oil is a class of organosilicon compounds, including straight or straight chain and branched siloxane bonds, and modified with organic groups connected to silicon atoms, the organic groups being represented by methyl and phenyl groups. Compared with mineral oils and oils of organic origin (such as animal and vegetable oils), silicone oils have excellent heat resistance, frost resistance, temperature characteristics of viscosity, and biological activity. Therefore, silicone oils have been widely used in industry. However, the oil produced by the prior art method does not necessarily have all satisfactory properties, and the impurities contained therein can cause odor and color. In the electrical and electronic industries and cosmetic applications, especially in recent years, there is an urgent need to obtain high-purity silicone oil with minimal impurity content.

In the role of activated carbon in the decolorization of silicone oil, the impurities that activated carbon can efficiently remove in the actual application process include hydrocarbon and anionic impurities represented by sulfate ions and chloride ions. Among them, hydrocarbons emit oily odors and cause color difference. The content of impurities in the silicone oil to be purified depends on the raw materials and preparation conditions. The amount of activated carbon used can be determined according to the type and amount of impurities in the silicone oil to be purified and the treatment time. Compared with granular activated carbon and powdered activated carbon, a small amount of special activated carbon is better. You can also directly consult our technology to understand the amount of activated carbon required for silicone oil decolorization.

The use of activated carbon to decolorize silicone oil. The contact between activated carbon and the decolorizing silicone oil to be purified, as in the case of granular activated carbon treatment. For example, special activated carbon for purification and decolorization is introduced into the liquid to be purified and mixed with it, the flow path of the cylinder or container is filled with activated carbon, or the activated carbon is incorporated into filter paper. For continuous treatment through a treatment device filled with activated carbon, preferred treatment conditions include a temperature of about 10 to 80°C, particularly a temperature of about 20 to 50°C, and a contact time of about 5 seconds to about 20 minutes to optimize the treatment environment.

The use of special activated carbon for decolorization and purification of silicone oil can make the decolorization and purification of silicone oil very simple and effective, greatly reducing waste water or waste and improving industrial productivity. It has been found that the purified silicone oil has a high and consistent level of purification and sufficient quality stability in the electrical and electronic fields and cosmetic applications. Silicone oil purified and decolorized by activated carbon meets the needs of new applications.

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