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activated carbon play important role in water treatment

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activated carbon play important role in water treatment

activated carbon in water treatment

The versatility of activated carbon is endless, with over 1,000 known applications in use. From gold-mining to water purification, the production of food materials and more, activated carbon can be customised to meet a vast array of specific needs.

Activated carbons are made from a variety of carbonaceous source materials - including coconut shells, peat, hard and soft wood, lignite coal and olive pit to name but just a few. However, any organic material with a high carbon content can effectively be used to create activated carbons through physical modification and thermal decomposition.

The most prevalent uses of activated carbon in today’s world revolve around the treatment of process water, industrial and commercial wastewater and air/odour abatement issues. When converted to activated carbons, carbonaceous source materials possess the ability to effectively purify and remove a vast array of contaminants from water and wastewater streams.

Activated carbons offer one of the most effective means of removing key contaminants such as THM and DBP as well as removing organic constituents and residual disinfectants in water supplies. This not only improves taste and minimises health hazards but protects other water treatment units such as reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange resins from possible damage due to oxidation or organic fouling.

Activated carbon is normally utilised to treat process water in two very different processes – powdered activated carbons and granular activated carbons. However, the dosage methods and use cases for each of these forms of activated carbons vary quite considerably. The selection of a specific type of activated carbons for water treatment will depend on the nature of the specific application, the result required and any process restrictions in place.

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