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What is Pelletized Activated Carbon

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What is Pelletized Activated Carbon

What is Pelletized Activated Carbon

When it comes to activated carbon, can everyone think of those small cylinders? In fact, activated carbon is basically Pelletized Activated Carbon, and it has a wide range of applications. So why should activated carbon be made into a columnar shape? What are the main functions? Let's share with you.

1. What is columnar activated carbon?

Pelletized Activated Carbon is a kind of activated carbon. Its appearance is a small cylinder of activated carbon. The raw materials are mainly from some high-quality coal, wood chips, coconut shell, etc. Pelletized Activated Carbon is press-formed, so high-quality prices are relatively high. It is widely used in the fields of waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, dissolution and recycling, water purification and gas purification in chemical production.

2. What are the functions of Pelletized Activated Carbon?

Pelletized Activated Carbon has few impurities, low ash content, and high CTC adsorption rate, so it has a great advantage in the field, mainly for sewage and air treatment. Pelletized Activated Carbon has the advantages of developed surface pores, reasonable distribution, high abrasion resistance, large volume, and strong adsorption capacity. Therefore, it can purify carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, ethane and other harmful gases in daily industry and chemical industry. It can remove pollutants in the separated air and purify the mixed gas.

Sewage treatment with Pelletized Activated Carbon can effectively purify domestic water and sewage generated in the chemical industry, and improve the water quality environment.

Pelletized Activated Carbon can also act in the decomposition of organic solvent vapor. Because of its strong adsorption capacity in aqueous solution, some organic solvents such as benzene, xylene, ethanol gasoline can be recovered within a wide range of concentrations.

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