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Nut Shell Powder Activated Carbon

Nut shell powder activated carbon use the high quality of nut shell as raw materials, and the use of advanced production technology and processed, appearance is black powder.

Product Description

Nut shell powder activated carbon use the high quality of nut shell as raw materials, and the use of advanced production technology and processed, appearance is black powder.
The nut shell powder activated carbon sold by Tongke Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. mainly includes apricot shell, jujube shell, peach shell, coconut shell and walnut shell, etc. It has good wear resistance, developed pores, strong adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, and economical durability. . Nutshell activated carbon is mainly used for drinking water purification, domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.

nut shell powder activated carbon

Decolorizing nut shell Activated Charcoal Powder Characteristic:
1.It has a large specific surface area, developed pore structure.
2.High adsorption performance,and adsorption capacity is large.
3.Easy regeneration, economic and durable.
4.High decolorization, adsorpt quickly and the capacity of adsorpation is large.

Nut shell powder activated carbon Detailed specification


Nut shell powder activated carbon

Size (mesh)


Aramel decolourization capacity


Methylene blue adsorption

10-18mg/g (150-270)

Fe content




Acid solute content


Chloride content


Moisture (%)

10-40% can adjustment

Ash (%)


Heavy metal content



1.for decolorization of liquid, food field and dechlorination,
2.for purifying treatment of potable water and sewage water.
3.solvent recovery, chemical, purification and as catalyst carrier
4.purification and refining of citric acid, cystine, oil, chemical products
5.Suitable for the decolorization of glucose sucrose, maltose and other refined sugar
6.for decoloring and impurities removal of medicine,chemical industry, beverage and so
7.deoiling of industrial water such as food, chemical industry, electric power,electric plate, etc,1.

power activated carbon

Package & Shipping

1.Big bag :500kg/600kg jumbo bag
2.Small bag:25kg/20kg PP bag
3.25kg Kraft paper bag
4.According to your requirements

virgin activated carbon

Why choose us 

Tongke Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd is Specialized in research, design , production and sale various of activated carbon.
Main product of TongKe Activated Carbon is : Wood based activated carbon, Coal based activated carbon , Honeycomb activated carbon Nut shell activated carbon ,Activated Carbon Fiber ,Activated carbon related products .
Our Product is widely use in water treatment, gas and air purification , Food refining and decolorizing , Medicine , household  etc  

carbon activated powder

carbon activated charcoal

cylindrical activated carbon

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